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2013-2014 Season
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Opening Number...Comedy Tonight--Ensemble, I Cain't Say No--Denise Cosper, The Grass is Always Greener--Ginny Kerwin and Ruth Reeds, I Don't Wanna Play In Your Yard--Cathy Johnson and Linda Rinehart, Party Dress--Jenna Lamar
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Little Girls--Suzette Compton, Agony--Andy Kirby and Brandon Compton, I Wish I Could Go Back to College--Connie Lehner, Laura Taylor, Chris Lamar, Turn Up The Spotlight--Ginny Kerwin, I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of my Hair--Evalina Jones and Ensemble--Sarah Kirby, Denise Cosper, Miriam Andrus, Deb Kirby, Megan Smith, Emily Garlick, Jenna Lamar, Cathy Johnson, Connie Lehner, Jerena Keys, Becca Dadles
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