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500 Terry Francois Street San Francisco, CA 94158


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Interested in joining Voca Lyrica?

Whom should I contact if I wish to join Voca Lyrica?  You may contact the membership committee(Suzette Compton via e-mail:
Is there an audition process?  At the beginning of each concert cycle, the first two rehearsals will be “open rehearsals.”  Anyone who is interested in joining Voca Lyrica is welcome to attend these rehearsals.  Interested singers would then have a follow up meeting with the director.
  Is there a cost to join Voca Lyrica?  Each member pays yearly membership dues, which are currently $85 per adult. The current student fee is $35.  Other possible costs include purchase of a music folder and concert CD.
  What experience or skills should I have in order to join Voca Lyrica?  Voca Lyrica welcomes women who have a passion for singing.  Previous choral experience is preferred.
  When and how long are rehearsals?  Prior to the beginning of each singing season, members receive a rehearsal schedule via e-mail.  Most rehearsals are on Sunday evenings, and last approximately 2.5 hours.  All rehearsals begin at 6 pm unless otherwise noted.  Occasionally we have intensive rehearsals from 4 until approximately 8:30, with a potluck dinner in the middle.  Voice sections take turns bringing the food.  This is a great chance to get to know fellow Voca Lyrica members.  We begin each rehearsal with physical and vocal warm-ups to prepare our “instrument” for the rigorous rehearsal.  Singers are expected to listen and participate actively, and come prepared with a pencil for marking music.   It is recommended that you stay well hydrated before and during rehearsals.   Most rehearsals take place in the choir room (basement) of the United Church.

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