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Seasons 14-20

Season '20-'21

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Season 20

United We Sing is the theme for our 20th season

We are not sure what the 2020-21 Season will bring... but
Voca Lyrica will be around... Stay tuned to see what Ginny Kerwin and the ladies can come up with in this time of social distancing.  

     If we can have an Easter Bonnet Zoom session on April 12, 2020 - Easter Sunday, just imagine what might happen.  Keep a song in your heart and STAY SAFE!!  

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Season '19-'20

Out of concern for everyone's health and well-being due to the COVID-19 virus, the Journey of Harriet Tubman performance was canceled.  We are hopeful that at some point ​we will be able to sing this music for our Big Rapids audience

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Season '18-'19

Season '17-'18

Season '16-'17

2014 through 2016

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